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This fansite is dedicated to an interactive atmospheric experience. It is MORE than a game. It purposely evokes the wave of survival horror games on the Playstation 1 that put a genre on the map for a generation of gamers. It is bizarre, eerie, and unsettling by design. If such things frighten you, if you are faint of heart and frail of mind, leave this fan page NOW because we are here to talk about one thing: A Walk In The Dark by Such_Nick. Be afraid!

Everyone else still here may continue on, into the darkness...

From the game's description: "You decide to get out and take a nice walk at night. when you come up to a split road, you can either go left or right, the outcome will be different depending on which way you go."

Fan Review:

This game is just a MASTERPIECE of atmosphere and tone. From the very moment play begins, we as players have questions. Where are we? What are our goals? What waits for us in the darkness ahead? These questions all go unanswered, just like in life itself. That is, all go unanswered except for one, because when we explore forward those wretched fears from deep within the collective id become manifest...

Game Walkthrough:

(Spoilers for A Walk In The Dark ahead) Okay so when you start you have to go either left or right, leading to one of two buildings. There is a monster out here too that will kill you with a jump scare before long and your destinations are pretty far from each other so you don't really have very much time to choose which way you wanna go. This decision becomes the defining factor of a playthrough and must often be made on the spot by players without any warning of the gravity of their choice. Once again, we see in the game a mirror of the murky darkness through which we navigate our own destinies.

The road to the left leads to a sprwaling community center of some kind, with multiple doorways. The path leading here seems to be longer, or else more eagerly patrolled by the monster, so you have to be quick if you go left. You know you'll be at this one by its lit windows that you can see through the darkness. If you go right up to the door though you'll find it to be locked; you actually have to go around to the side of the building. There's a second door that is open for you. Unfortunately the monster is probably right on your tail by now so your goose might be cooked if you took too long to get to door number one. (Pro Tip: if you already know where you're going you can angle yourself 45 degrees and then run diagonally there to go faster) Either way, the building is empty but deep within you can find a telephone in one room. When you do you can call a friend who drives his bus to come pick you up. You're saved! Head back out the way you came and get on the bus to see the game's first ending, which is in keeping with the game's themes of shock and mystery.

Down the road on the right is a shorter walk that is, in many ways, even darker. If you stay ahead of the monster you can make it to a military bunker. It only has one door. Inside is a strategic conference room that shows a map of the United States with various blast radiouses highlighted and a big, red button. THE big red button. The one that does exactly what you think it does. The game only provides a contextual tooltip indicating what input from the player will press the button. It's perfectly clear from environmental clues what will happen if you press it. What's at stake. What the consequences will be. And yet you do it anyway. A Walk In The Dark allows players to carry out the self-destructive fantasy referred to by Edgar Allen Poe as "the Imp of the Perverse." Hurry outside to embrace the all-engulfing fire of the new world you have created, or "return to your house" as the game text puts it (confirming that the inferno is where the player belongs for what they have done), and receive the second ending. Gaze on the destruction you have wrought. The camera finally pushes in... on the darkness.

This has been A Walk In The Dark

Screenshots Section:

Beginning of the left path
As the morning comes... what will be left of us?
Will you press it...?
The beast itself. What where did it come from?
One possible ending. Not just of the game.

Gameplay videos:


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